Drobo Storage for Businesses

Model B800fs B800i B1200i
Description 8-Bay Direct Attached 8-Bay SAN 12-Bay SAN
Type File Sharing
(up to 100 users)
up to 8 servers)
(up to 24 server)
Drive Bays 8 8 12
Drive Type 3.5” SATA 3.5” SATA 3.5” SATA, SAS, SSD
Interfaces 2 x Gb Ethernet 2 x Gb Ethernet
iSCSI (multi server)
3 x Gb Ethernet
iSCSI (multi server)
Form Factor Desktop or Rackmount (3U) Desktop or Rackmount (3U) Rackmount (3U)
Thin Provisioning
Drive Protection Single or Dual Single or Dual Single or Dual
Smart Volumes Automatic Up to 255 Up to 255
Drobo Sync ~ ~
Drobo Apps ~ ~
Power / Cooling Fixed Fixed Swappable, Redundant
Management Drobo Dashboard Drobo Dashboard Drobo Dashboard, SNMP
Drobo Care Optional Optional Optional